Sunday, March 20, 2005

Meditation and Prayers on 101 Names of God

I've been greatly enjoying your 101 Names of God book. Unlike most other books, it's not just one to read through once and then forget about; it's an art-meets-spirit book to pray with for a lifetime, to internalize more and more deeply. Thanks for composing it!
In God's Love,
Dick Holmes

It's lovely--a terrific idea, well executed. We wish you lots of luck with it!
I definitely want to add the book to our archives as well. anon.

I have been enjoying your book...and read a few "names" every night before I go to sleep to leave me with thoughts of God as opposed to the ramblings of my mind.

Thank you all for supporting both my book and this blog. Always feel free to post any comments and create a conversation about what is interesting you.

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A Sip of Wine

“Inscribe these words in your heart. Nothing is real but God
Nothing matters but love for God”

Oh Lord,
My eyes believe that all they see is real.
Are not these stones and trees and birds and bees
and creatures of the earth and sky and sea real?

My lover, they are not real,
the Self within them is what’s real.
Their forms are only shadows cast
that come and go
from nothing to nowhere.

See them, love them,
but upon them to not depend.

And my Lord,
what of men who speak and walk and love and hate,
who laugh and cry with joy and pain,
and grow from babes to live and die—
are they not real like You and I?

My lover, they are not real,
nor is the pain and pleasure that they feel.
The Self within them is what’s real,
while their forms like clouds that cross the sky
appear as shapes that dance and cry.

Know them, love them,
but upon them do not depend—
the Self that is real has no beginning or end.

But my Lord, I am a man.
Am I not real,
or my thoughts and what I feel?
Who is it then that seeks for You
and in my heart what voice speaks to You?
And are You real or just a dream?
It seems that nothing’s what it seems.

My lover, you are not real,
the Self within you is what’s real—
that Self and I are really one.
When you experience this, my work is done.

You say that nothing’s what it seems,
and that’s because your life’s my dream,
though in this dream my life’s displaced
and found again when you’re effaced.

Know Me.
Love Me.
Upon Me alone depend.

Within you I will awaken in Bliss,
beyond beginning and without end.

Remember, dear one, these words I say,
Nothing is real but God.
Nothing matters but love for God.

(c) 2000 Michael Kovitz