Friday, February 25, 2005

The Avatar

Avatar Meher Baba (Feb. 25th 1894 – Jan. 31st 1969)

“The then existing and functioning five Perfect Masters, at the appropriate time of the Avataric period, individually and conjointly bring about the advent of the Avatar; and exercising their infinite mercy and love for all in Ignorance living the illusory life in Creation, use their infinite power and grace to precipitate this advent and make manifest the infinite Reality of the eternal, infinite God-consciousness in the Beyond state, onto this earth into Illusion; and they bestow, through their infinite power, knowledge, and bliss, onto the Reality a most suitable “cloak” of Illusion in the shape of a guman male form, so that the divinity of the Reality may be made presentable, in the world of Illusion.
Thus, when Infinite Reality (i.e., God) manifests on earth in the form of a man ad reveals His divinity to mankind, he is recognized as the Avatar, the Messiah, the Prophet— God thus becomes man.”1.

1. God Speaks by Meher Baba; Dodd,Mead,& Co.1973 Page 162