Sunday, January 30, 2005

A Poem for Amartithi

Oh Samadhi

“Only if You steer our ship
while in mid ocean can we remain afloat.
Oh Meher Baba, captain of our ship
You are our Protector.”[1]

Oh Samadhi ever pure,
Infinite Ocean beyond time’s stir,
ever fragrant, ever fresh
repository of infinite bliss—
we bow to your threshold, our heads at His feet,
thirsty hearts enter His wine shop to drink.

Meher Baba, Captain of our ship,
You have piloted our broken craft
through terrifying waves and storms,
yet so long it’s been we’ve been at sea
our feet forgot the land,
unable to walk, we kneel in the sand.

Oh Samadhi ever pure,
unsullied ocean beyond time’s stir,
knower of all hearts and prayers,
unlimited in your capacity to bear—
we bow to your threshold, our heads at His feet,
we enter His harbor, our journey complete.

The ship of the mind—
a great and wondrous thing—
has brought us to
the harbor of the King.

Oh wayfarer,
Hesitate not!
Leave the ship!
Set foot upon Love’s shore.

Copyright 1990 Michael Kovitz
[1] From the Gujarati Arti by Meher Baba