Tuesday, September 07, 2010

From Door to Door

Gar andar amad avval ham bidar shud
Agar cih dar ma’ad dar bidar shud. Maulana Sabistari, Gulshan-e-Raz

“He returns to the door from which he first came out,
although in his journey he went from door to door.”

He came out the door and once out journeyed from door to door before returning through the door he first came out.

Who goes from door to door? Only a beggar goes from door to door.

So God the King of Kings must experience Himself to be a beggar before He can experience Himself to be the King.

He leaves Himself in order to become conscious and begs for consciousness at every door. Once conscious He remembers Himself and returns to His throne.

But His journey was all in imagination—only a dream—there never was any doors at all really.

Copyright© 9/6/10 Michael Kovitz