Sunday, March 20, 2005

Meditation and Prayers on 101 Names of God

I've been greatly enjoying your 101 Names of God book. Unlike most other books, it's not just one to read through once and then forget about; it's an art-meets-spirit book to pray with for a lifetime, to internalize more and more deeply. Thanks for composing it!
In God's Love,
Dick Holmes

It's lovely--a terrific idea, well executed. We wish you lots of luck with it!
I definitely want to add the book to our archives as well. anon.

I have been enjoying your book...and read a few "names" every night before I go to sleep to leave me with thoughts of God as opposed to the ramblings of my mind.

Thank you all for supporting both my book and this blog. Always feel free to post any comments and create a conversation about what is interesting you.

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