Thursday, September 30, 2010

Flame of Love

Flame of Love

Oh world,
the heart aches with longing,
tears bear witness to its silent vigil
for the Beloved who waits beyond the shadow of all expectations.

But how the heart suffers when ensnared
by false lovers, its longing fallen to despair —
the true Beloved remains unseen.

Two moths fly to each other.
Why are they attracted so?

Eternity whispers,
It is the flame of love,
misheard and mis-seen
around which hearts’ wings
long to circle and dance.

Oh heart,
inspired by images of beauty
and the reflection of love,
you create your beloved
and dream the dream of union’s bliss.

Oh flame,
to know yourself
you dream yourself the moth
to awaken as fire.

Oh moth,
you are the dream of your own flame,
as is the beloved you seek,
in truth both lover and beloved are one.

Dream and dreamer,
moth and flame,
awake in union —
wings of separation burnt to ashes
in the flame of love.