Sunday, June 12, 2005

Song of the Stream

A Reverie on the Parvardigar Prayer

I open my heart and call upon you, the one whose unwavering gaze shines upon all and everything with mercy and compassion—like a sun that never sets.

Oh eternal one, there was never a time or a moment when you did not exist and indeed, nothing exists but you—so what exists to compare you with and what exists that can measure you?

You are imperishable and cannot be diminished, you are beyond action and movement, all limitation and understanding, unknowable and inconceivable, indeed you cannot be fully imagined—even by yourself.

You are the great silence before the sound, the clarity before the color, the self-contained before the expression, the formless before the form, and nothing can be attributed to you.

Nothing exists that is not you, so what can limit you? You are unfathomable—indeed even you cannot fathom yourself. Dreams cannot dream you, thought cannot think you; you are the undying, undivided moment and you can only be seen with eyes divine.

Never were you not, never will you cease to be, you are always everywhere and beyond everywhere, you are always in everything and beyond everything also.

You are in the sea and in the sky, revealing and concealing yourself and your actions in the worlds of creatures and men, in the worlds of angels and gods.

You are the seeds of the mind and you are the mind as well. You are the energy that enlivens the pattern beyond the form and you are the pattern as well. You are the matter that builds the forms and you are all forms also, and you are beyond and aloof from all seeds and mind, energy and patterns, matter and form.

You are beyond perception and absolutely independent—even of yourself.

You are the creator of everything, the lord of all lords, you are the knower of all minds and hearts and you are the knower of my mind and my heart. You are even the knowledge that you know—also.

You are supreme, invincible, indestructible, and unstoppable. You are everywhere at all times and before and after time itself. You know everything that ever was, or is, or will be, and you even know all that never was, or is, or will be.

There is no knowledge that is not you, there is no power that is not you, and in the knowledge of yourself as everything there is unlimited, unbounded, unending bliss and limitless mercy too—because you know that ignorance is the child of your knowledge as nothing is the shadow of your everything.
You are every drop of the shoreless, limitless, ocean, every image of the dream, every thought of the mind, every tear of the heart, and every spark of the original fire. There is no end to your attributes or your manifestations and, though you never do the same thing twice, you remain always the same—changeless, timeless, eternal, immaculate and pristine.

You are as modern as the moment, as ancient as eternity. There is nothing above you or below you or beside you. You are all the Names of God, beyond all the Names of God, and you are even beyond yourself. You are the only one worthy of worship and you alone can worship yourself.

© Michael Kovitz 2004