Friday, November 12, 2010

Education - Excerpt 5

The word sanskaras is used again in this excerpt. Just a reminder that all actions, whether gross (physical), mental (like thoughts and feelings), leave impressions in the mind that prompt actions in the future.

The Talks of Upasani - Baba Maharaj
Volume II Part B
Pages 709 – 710

If the heart of a child is impressed with virtuous sanskaras pertaining to God, and not with all sorts of faulty and false ideas pertaining to the world, and thus the foundation is built strong, then whatever happens in mid-life will not much matter; that child in his after-life, or in the end at least, is bound to be happy; and in the end he is bound to attain sadgati (deliverance/liberation) as a result of that firm foundation built during his childhood.
One can take the whole life — from birth to death — to be a circle. If in the beginning the mind is filled with sanskaras pertaining to God, then at the time of death, as the circle becomes complete, those according to the principle, “Ante Ya Matih Sa Gatih,”— meaning, whatever the mind is occupied with in the end, one gets the ensuing birth accordingly, he is bound to attain sadgati. It is like the rosary; the beads that we touch first come up to the fingers once again in the end. Not only this, but whatever sanskaras are impressed on the mind in that early impressionable age are bound to occupy that mind even after death.