Wednesday, February 16, 2005

The Kiss

“My Beloved openly passes by in every place
But from those who know Her not
She does ever veil Her face.” Hafiz

When he left for the market she remained at their abode
composing and arranging those gross and subtle elements that influence “state.”
Her work, both internal and external, was about purification.
As she worked with lucid mind, her heart stole sips of the pure and fragrant wine of their love.
Yet, her work was never disturbed—their wine being of superior quality.
With each heart’s sip she experienced more and more
the state of sober intoxication.

In the market place he tended his business with care and though inwardly rejoicing in anticipation of their reunion, he never rushed to complete his work.
Neither did he linger, for his heart was with her, filled with pure love.
This love cast upon all whom he did meet and they felt happy. At ease, they laughed with his laugh and smiled with his smile, though mostly they were asleep and recognized not the source of their happiness.

Beloved and lover embrace
And in that moment touch the place
Where Oneness meets Itself at world’s end.

Lover and Beloved kiss—
Lips touch and form the cup of bliss:
Jazd, she swoons and leans her weight against a wall.

“My Lord,” he spoke upon returning to residing from the bliss of his abiding. “It must be Your Love within her that I feel, for how else could it hold such force to make me reel?”
Them sweetly spoke his Lord within his heart. “Yes, I am she and her love as well. She is also Me, as you will one day see.”

And she too spoke unto her Lord, her breath a-rush, her face a-flush. “Was it You whose kiss I felt, that made me melt, and placed that wall to break my fall, when my knees no longer held me?”
Tenderly within her heart she clearly heard Him speak: “Yes, I am He whose kiss you felt, and I am that wall as well. A day will come when you will see Me dear, in everything and everywhere.”

And that same moment, in the language of walls, the wall cried out to God:
“My ever vigilant Lord—my constant companion. Though I have never faltered in my duty, at that instant when I grew weak and could no longer support the roof I carry, You brought that woman to lean on me and give me strength!”
Immediately, and in the language of walls, God answered. “It was not she, but Me, that lent a woman’s weight.
My dear, I long for the day when in Love you recognize me everywhere and in everything.
In Love I wait.”

Avatar Meher Baba said:

“Inscribe these words upon your heart--
Nothing is real but God.
Nothing matters but love for God.”

Copyright 1999 Michael Kovitz