Friday, October 15, 2010

"Even God is Afraid of the Naked" -- proverb

On October 19th 1949 Meher Baba began what He called the New Life. He lived it Himself with twenty of His companions:

"This New Life is endless,
and even after my physical death will be kept alive
by those who live the life of complete renunciation
of falsehood, lies, hatred, anger, greed and lust,
and who, to accomplish all this, do no lustful actions,
do no harm to anyone, do no backbiting,
do not seek material possessions or power,
who accept no homage,
neither covet honor, nor shun disgrace,
and fear no one and nothing;
by those who rely wholly and solely on God,
and who love God purely for the sake of loving,
who believe in the lovers of God
and in the reality of Manifestation,
and yet do not expect any spiritual or material reward,
who do not let go the hand of Truth,
and who, without being upset by calamities,
bravely and wholeheartedly face all hardships
with one hundred percent cheerfulness,
and give no importance to caste, creed
and religious ceremonies.
This New Life will live by itself eternally,
even if there is no one to live it." --Meher Baba