Sunday, February 06, 2005

A Kali Yuga Question

Pouring from the Empty into the Void

I have been thinking about something lately that you may find somewhat interesting. As you know, Meher Baba's Ten States of God can, for simplicity's sake, be reduced to three:

1. God asleep - without consciousness or unconsciousness.

2. God awakening through the dream state - acquiring and perfecting consciousness.

3. God awake with full and perfect, impressionless, consciousness.

Baba explains that States 1.and 3. is Reality.

State 2. is Illusion i.e. a dream.

He suggests that through the interaction of Reality with Illusion, the consciousness is acquired that is essential for Reality to know itself. Hence it could be expressed, that consciousness is the child of Reality and Illusion.

So, the question is: If consciousness is the child of Reality and Illusion, then is consciousness Reality or Illusion?

I have some ideas but will keep them to myself to give you some time to ponder the question. I don't believe that Baba ever discussed this point so it makes it a wonderful topic for us to " pour from the empty into the void."

Please feel free to post your thoughts. I have changed some “blog settings” that I think will make it easier for you to post comments. Let me know if there are still any problems.

Michael, your reported embedded with the Kali Yuga.