Thursday, May 19, 2005


Just a feeling void of memory,
that you were somehow there;
the nameless, faceless one,
abode of meaning,
repository of love.

Just a feeling void of memory,
that we’ve danced this dance before,
to the rhythm of my heart;
eyes filled with cool tears
wash away the sandy grains of sleep.

A timeless moment,
lost in love’s embrace,
my life becomes etheric –
the shadow of my soul,

and knowledge gains the certainty
that the purpose of my life has been;
to hear your name, oh nameless one,
and see your face, oh faceless one.

You said: “Look, I am here!
It is your time
to see me now.”

I said: “Yes, I know your voice
and recognize your face.
Now, what more remains?
Am I to die?

You said: “Die now, when you can truly live?
For whether by grace of destiny or chance,
your life’s purpose has been fulfilled
and the time of celebration has come.

Rejoice now,
drink my wine,
sing my name,
and share with any wayfarer
who cherishes a feeling void of memory,
the sound of my name
and the image of my face
blazing in your heart.”

Copyright Michael Kovitz 2002