Friday, January 21, 2005

Chinese Roast Duck

Roast Chinese Duck with Pomegranate Sauce-
Christmas Dinner 2004

One 5-pound duck (defrosted)

Marinate for 24 hrs. in honey, sesame oil, tamari, and garlic and some seaweed like arame or hiziki.

Roast at 450 convection for about 20-30 minutes until well browned but not burnt.

Reduce heat to 325- 350 and continue to roast. (Total time about 1 ½ - hours or until 160 degrees.)

Meanwhile boiled a cup of wild rice until soft. (App. 45-60 minutes)

Pomegranate Sauce:
Reduce to ½ the juice of one large pomegranate, one large orange, some Porto or Armagnac along with a teaspoon of sugar, and a dash or two of cayenne pepper and a tablespoon of butter. Reduce heat to a very low simmer and continue to cook.

After duck is finished, allow it to rest while you wok up some bok choy, thin sliced red bell pepper, mushrooms, and garlic in sesame oil. Add tamari while cooking then add in the rice at the end and stir well.

Cut the duck into quarters and arrange on the dish with the rice/vegetable mixture.

Pour the pomegranate sauce over the duck and serve.

Serve with a good Barolo or Amarone.

Suggested dinner music:

Chants, Hymns, and Dances
Anja Lechner - Violincello
Vassilis Tsabropoulos - piano


Blogger Dick Holmes said...

A kitchen ghazel that started cooking in my heart when I was out walking one fine cold day this winter. Bon appétit!



I know that You are the Master Chef
and that You know exactly what You're doing,
but sometimes I have trouble trusting that
You won't forget me simmering here
on this vast stovetop among the countless
other pots and pans also needing Your care.

How can You possibly tend to so many
at the same time? I ask myself, and find
that I can't come up with an answer.

What if even You get overextended
and can't manage to keep up with it all?

Suppose You get called out to deal with
an emergency in some other kitchen
and can't make it back here for a while --
what then? Will I still be fit for consumption
by the time You return? Or will I be reduced
to a charred stain, to be nothing more
than a pain for some poor dishwasher?

How happy I am when You take the lid off
to add ingredients or stir me! It's like
spring again, when all I was then
first sprouted up into the sunshine.
I hardly recognize myself.
The blend of my aroma and Your Fragrance
is exhilarating beyond expression!

But how sad I get when I haven't felt
Your Presence for what seems like ages!
My mind begins to wander, and I forget
where I've come from and where I'm going.
My heart sinks to the bottom of the pot.

O Amazing Master, remind me again
and again of Your unfailing Omnipotence
and constant Omnipresence!
Lift my heart to the delicious vision
of Your Infinite, Eternal Banquet!

~ Dick Holmes

12:49 PM  
Blogger dave said...

In my imagination[a divine faculty i reckon] the CRD tasted beyond delicious! Perhaps it is best
that it remain there.

ultimately there is only one flavour to taste, and many imitations to try!

Love is the alchemy for which all chefs and connoisseurs yearn. the greatest compliment one can offer is "this tastes of great love and devotion" and it may not even have anything to do with food.

nice blog with a deft blend of spices!


7:28 PM  

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