Friday, January 14, 2005



Your name evokes a feeling
Informed by memories
Of places and times
And the scent of roses.

My breath is never far away
You ride its ebb and flow
The master horseman of my heart
As I watch like a child enthralled.

“Baba!” Your name escapes my lips
And wakes in me the dream divine
Till sleep dispels love’s silent whispers
And dissolves into a sigh.

Copyright 2004 Michael Kovitz


Blogger Dick Holmes said...

Beautiful poem, Michael. I second it with this one ...


Let me remember.
What I see, what I do
is not for me to keep.

Whatever I take to be
limited by either/or
is actually indivisible.

These eyes, these hands
are not really mine
but Infinite Love's.

To the One Who is
always already Home,
He is me and I am Him.


May continual remembrance help us all see through and beyond the stormy clouds of the Kali Yuga to Sunlit Realization.

~ Dick Holmes

12:29 PM  

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