Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Lonely God! (Part 1.)

In this talk from 1924; How does the Paramatma and a human being enjoy the Bliss?The Talks of Sadguru Upasani-Baba Maharaja, Volume III, Page 76, Upasani Maharaj says that a time comes when God begins to experience that He is all alone! Of course this is not too surprising because if God is Infinite and everything is God, then how can there be anything that exists outside of Him or besides Him?

And God stepped out on space,
And he looked around and said:
I’m lonely—I’ll make me a world.” From God’s Trombones by James Weldon Johnson

I remember reading this poem when I was a child, it was a nice story, but was there some real truth behind it?

“What is meant by the experience of unity? The stem of the tree remains by itself always alone. It does not think that it is always alone; and if the tree were to remain in the stem-form without any further growth, that stem is never likely to think about its being alone—being one by itself. But when the stem grows into branches, sub-branches, and foliage, it gives rise to plurality, and then by looking at those ‘many’, the stem begins to appreciate that it is ‘one’—that it is alone.”

The Talks of Sadguru Upasani-Baba Maharaja, Volume III, Page 76

Perfect Masters can speak on an infinite number of levels in an infinite number of ways. In this talk, Upasani Maharaj, begins with the question, “How does the Paramatma and a human being enjoy the Bliss?” Paramatma, or Great Soul, is a name for God—more specifically;

When the INFINITE ONE does not think of the Universe but only of Himself as God—the Infinite Consciousness—He is in the state of the Beyond—the state of Paramatma.” The Nothing and The Everything, by Bhau Kalchuri, (from points given by Meher Baba,) page 183

The state of the Beyond,” what is that? It is the state beyond creation. It is the state beyond when “God stepped out on space.” Here we’re tempted to you the word before rather than beyond, but the states of God exist simultaneously and the state of God before creation does not disappear with the appearance of the state of God in creation, so I’ll stick with the term beyond rather then before.

“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” – John, 1:1

This beginning cannot be the beginning of God because God is Eternal—always was, is, and will be, therefore, the beginning must refer to something else—to creation. In other words, there must be a state of God in which creation does not exist. Meher Baba identifies that state as the Beyond the Beyond state of God, or Paratpar-Parabrahma.

The Beyond the Beyond state of God is sleeping God in a dreamless sleep—a state so deep that almost nothing can be said of it—except that this state is even beyond the possibility of dreaming or waking up—an Eternal deep sleep!

This state of God is so transcendent that nothing can really be conceived of it. It is utterly pure and immaculate and has no tinge of ‘otherness.’ It is the hidden of all hidden knowledge and the internal of all internal realities. It is beyond all words and so it cannot be adequately described. It is neither finite nor infinite, neither attributeless nor with attributes. In this domain the wings of thought, inference, discrimination and understanding are limp and useless.Godspeaks, by Meher Baba, 2nd edition, page 170

We can also add, that in this state of God, since neither many-ness nor oneness exists, the states of alone or loneliness cannot exist, nor God’s dream of creation, nor God’s ‘I am God!’ awake state, also cannot exist! Yet awaken He must!

(To be continued.)

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