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Meditation and Prayers on 101 Names of God

Just a reminder that my book, Meditation and Prayers on 101 Names of God, has been set by the publisher for release Feb.13th. 2005. I will post ordering information as it becomes available. Michael

14. An-ayafeh…Unattainable

My efforts fall short,
You are unattainable by deed or word or thought.

Austerities and devotions cannot attain You,
neither love nor violence can beat down Your Door.

Oh An-ayafeh,
You have given us the secret saying,
I am attained when you cease to exist -
when you and I are not we - but One.

Unattainable One,
lift the veil of You and me
so that I may attain the Unattainable.


Blogger Dick Holmes said...


Again and again You've pointed out
that ideas, words, and self-conscious acts
are mere window dressing to lure us inside,
but once You've drawn us to Your shop
with such glimmerings how are we to get in
if the door's locked and You don't post
Your hours of operation?

Some people say that Your shop doesn't actually
exist, others that it does but that You're never there,
others that they've occasionally seen
a light on or heard things going on inside but that
when they've reached for the door handle
it's suddenly vanished.

"Knock and it will be opened to you,"
You've been quoted as saying,
but how can we know that we're knocking on the
right door when our tendency is to get lost
and make all kinds of mistakes, especially about
the most important matters of all?

And then when we feel sure that we've found
the right door, there's the question of
how to knock. Loudly and forcefully?
Softly and gently? Three times?
In some secret sacred code that we'll know
only if You've already revealed it to us?

And once we finally somehow find ourselves
inside Your dazzling shop,
how about the kind of currency we'll need
to purchase the Priceless Pearl we've been
longing for, consciously and unconsciously,
for such a very long time?

O Divine Master Jeweler, I sincerely believe
that You are personally open to all,
that the snobbish exclusiveness of other kinds
of high-end shops has nothing to do
with the Perfect Exquisiteness
of Your shop and its resplendent goods.

Radiant Beloved, I believe You when You say that
the Pearl is at the bottom of the Ocean of Love
You are and must be dived and died for,
but sometimes such exalted metaphors make my head
spin and I get confused by the beauty of Your words.

O All-Generous Giver of Life, now that I sing this,
I have a vague memory of your having already
answered all my questions and handed me the key
to your glorious shop. How could I have been
so dream-driven to have then forgotten
where I put the key for safekeeping?
Why did I stash it away at all?
Why didn't I use it at once?

I trust that one day I'll find that key in my hand
again, Dearest Jewel of my heart.
Now the tumbler will turn, and
the door to Your shop will open to me.
Stepping inside at last, I'll find myself deep
underwater, walking buoyantly toward the Shining
Pearl of Your Infinitely Patient Grace.

1:28 PM  
Blogger Dick Holmes said...


I've been greatly enjoying your 101 Names of God book. Unlike most other books, it's not just one to read through once and then forget about; it's an art-meets-spirit book to pray with for a lifetime, to internalize more and more deeply. Thanks for composing it!

In God's Love,


6:00 AM  

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