Sunday, February 25, 2018

Shudra (Part 6.)

To those gathered that day to hear Upasani Maharaj’s talk, he said, “Even though the word Shudra actually means the Almighty—the Infinite Bliss—you people look down upon a Shudra as the lowest.”The Talks of Sadguru Upasani Maharaja, Volume 1, Part A, page 35

How can one know the truth and speak the truth if one is not one with the truth? And so to His followers He explained that in their topsy-turvy understanding of truth they should consider that whatever it is that they take to be the lowest, is, in fact, where the Bliss resides.

“Whatever is considered lowest by you the Bliss is there.” – Ibid.

Explaining further He said, “Without smallness—humility—ignorance—one cannot attain that Bliss. ‘Ignorant’ means a person who understands nothing of the world, and unless one attains the state of not understanding anything pertaining to the world, one cannot attain the Bliss.”  Ibid.

As a child, I lived in my dreams; the world of my waking state made little sense to me and the explanations of my family, teachers, religion, etc. did not have the ring of truth that I found in fairy tales and old sayings; Row, row, row your boat, gently down the stream, merrily, merrily, merrily merrily, life is but a dream.”

“But there must be real truth and there must be people who know it,” I thought, and became a seeker and eventually, by the grace of God, I heard the messages and teachings of advanced souls and the Avatars and Perfect Masters.

In the conclusion to His book, God Speaks, Meher Baba states;

 Nevertheless, all that is said here and explained about God to appease the intellectual convulsions of the mind of man still lacks many words and further explanations because the TRUTH is that Reality must be realized and the divinity of God must be attained and lived.”

Some have used this statement to support the claim that knowledge and understanding are somehow unimportant, but, Meher Baba did write the book, the fact of which makes me assume that a mind appeased of intellectual convulsions is a happy mind, and a happy mind is a great thing to have along the path to God. Meher Baba always reminded us, “Don’t worry; be happy!”

The Avatar and the Perfect Masters want us to be happy in life; they don’t like glum and sour faces that betray a state of the mind that believes in the ‘reality’ of illusion. Sure, there is and will be suffering along the way, but a mind appeased of intellectual convulsions—a happy mind—is a mind that is best prepared to take on this illusion of reality. A mind appeased of intellectual convulsions stands almost next to God realization itself in rarity and value.

When a problem comes to a troubled mind, it is as if carved into stone; but when a problem comes to a happy mind, it is as if written in the sand.” – Old Sanskrit saying.

The Indian caste system of old was a kind of mechanism that helped all souls who had achieved the human form and its consequent state of reincarnation to progress with most expediency and happiness to the state of involution of consciousness and its ultimate goal of God realization. But, its efficacy was dependent upon a high degree of natural impressions impressing the consciousness of creation in the stages of evolution and most importantly, reincarnation.

We are not now is such a period of time. The Kali Yuga is a time in which non-natural impressions plague human consciousness in the state of reincarnation and that is why it is so difficult to have any real understanding of truth.

Upasani Maharaj was not arguing for the continuation of the caste system, He was just reminding us of times when life was more natural—more in tune with its purpose.

Once the Brahma is attained and the actions to attain it are ceased, the only thing that remains is the state of being engrossed in that Infinite Bliss. What is that Bliss, how much it is, what is its extent, what is its nature, is only understood when one reaches it—when one attains it—it is like the old proverb, ‘Jave tyachya vansha tevan kale,’—meaning, if you want to understand a particular state, you have to go into that state.” The Talks of Sadguru Upasani Maharaja, Volume 1, Part A, page 36

(To be continued.)

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